Accommodation in the south of France

For centuries, the south of France has been an international holiday destination, where visitors from all over the world gave its name to outstanding places such as the English promenade in Nice.

For your trip to the south of France, be part of the great tradition of leisure and joie de vivre (joie de vivre) of Provence and the blue coast by staying in one of our holiday apartments.

There are many possibilities for leisure, relaxation and anything else you can think of. With our wide selection of accommodations you will have no problem finding a home away from home with all the comforts that the whole family will love.

Impressive sea views

The Mediterranean Sea has always been a fundamental part of life in southern France, both for its culture and for its identity. Today, its warm blue waters are one of the region’s great attractions for visitors.

With hundreds of kilometres of rugged coastline and dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea, there are countless options for enjoying its coastline. For example, you can enjoy the wonderful sea views from your door in this 6-bedroom vacation apartment in Bormes, les Mimosas, a house on a hill that will leave you speechless.

Swimming pool with garden area

Even in the most urban corner of southern France, you can find peace in a quiet swimming pool surrounded by vegetation. Nice is one of the most popular destinations on the Côte d’Azur thanks to its vibrant culture and impressive coastline.

The city reaches its climax with the carnival of Nice, one of the best annual events in Provence and the Blue Coast. Our 2 bedroom holiday apartment in Nice on the Côte d’Azur will give you the best of both worlds, the urban and the bucolic, so you won’t have to make any concessions.

You can retire home and relax after a long day’s excursion and let your problems dissolve little by little.

Sunny terrace

A villa in the south of France is a world in itself, as is our 5-bedroom holiday apartment in Boulbon. You can spend hours relaxing in the pool or under the foliage of the terrace trellises.

Whether you want to get a nice tan in the Provence sun or enjoy the breeze without burning your skin, this large terrace next to the pool is the ideal place. Once you’ve regained your strength, the exciting and historic city of Avignon awaits you just a few kilometres away.

Interior and exterior living room

One of the great benefits of Provence’s dry and warm climate is that during the summer the line between inside and outside becomes blurred.

In our 5-bedroom holiday apartment in La Gaude on the Côte d’Azur, there is no difference between the living room and the outdoor terrace, so your family can sunbathe during the day and enjoy the cool Mediterranean breeze in the evenings.

It also has heaters so that visitors arriving during the cold months of the year can enjoy the fresh air without getting cold.

Infinity pool

This unique holiday apartment is only a few kilometres from the picturesque streets of Saint-Rémy de Provence, an authentic Provençal farmhouse, or more, converted into an impressive accommodation for a dozen guests.

The meticulous decoration of the rooms and the large common areas are not even the most impressive features of this house. The panoramic pool is what stands out most about this house, as it extends to the edge of the garden, making the water seem endless.

Despite its nickname the bergerie (sheep pen), this 7-bedroom vacation apartment in Saint-Rémy de Provence is more than a rustic getaway. It will be a luxurious second home for your whole family.

Tennis Club

Not all of our holiday apartments are hidden in the Provencal countryside, some are located in exclusive residential complexes with all the facilities against which you cannot compete.

This 6-bedroom holiday apartment in Gigaro, the Croix Valmer, on the Blue Coast, is a clear example, as it has access to the private tennis club for sport lovers. Between the beach, the 25 metre private swimming pool and the tennis club, you will enjoy many leisure options without leaving home.

Close to the beach

Among the most curious aspects of the splendid coastline of the Blue Coast are the dramatic limestone cliffs and rocky coves. Its beaches, hidden along the peninsula and the islets that dot the Mediterranean coastline, are among the most enchanting places in France.

If the coast is one of the main objectives of your family trip, you will have many accommodation options within walking distance of the beach. One of the best is our 3 bedroom holiday apartment in Hyères on the Côte d’Azur, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunny terrace, take a dip in the panoramic swimming pool or go down the Mediterranean coast for a swim.

During your stay on the Hyères peninsula you will have plenty of opportunities to swim just minutes from your door.

Lush gardens

Although the south of France may be known for the garrigue, a formation of dry shrubs, the warm Mediterranean sun actually creates lush gardens around the countless uniquely styled houses in the region.

Our 3-bedroom holiday apartment in Gigaro-la Croix Valmer is a clear example, where the garden is not at the exit but around the house. Children will love the jungle atmosphere of this garden villa, while parents will admire the color and scent of the flowers that serve as natural decoration on the building’s exterior façade.

In addition, the whole family will appreciate that Gigaro’s Mediterranean beaches are only a few minutes away from the path leading to the garden.

Outdoor kitchen

One of the benefits of the temperate climate of the Mediterranean coast is that you will find yourself comfortable both outside on the terrace and inside on the sofa. There is no better way to take advantage of the wonderful time than to enjoy the typical Provencal cuisine in the wonderful exteriors. With our holiday accommodations you will have plenty of possibilities to cook outdoors.

For example, our 4 bedroom holiday apartment in Saint Rémy de Provence is not only equipped with an outdoor sink and electric iron, but also has a wood-fired oven to prepare your own Provencal pizzas, the coq au vin (the typical stew of French cuisine) and much more. You can find all the fresh products in our list of 5 markets to visit in Provence.

Unique gardens

Although a charming garden area is an important aspect of any holiday apartment, in Provence the courtyard is on another level, with varied flowers and trees that are complemented by the imposing pines and even giant cacti found outside of our apartments such as our 3 bedroom holiday apartment in La Croix Valmer on the Blue Coast.

This creative mix of disparate vegetation is not the only aspect of this holiday rental as you will be able to enjoy the nature reserve surrounding the town of La Croix Valmer, not to mention its swimming pool or beach located a short distance away.

Between the exclusive poolside terraces, leisure facilities and the natural beauties of our accommodations in the south of France, you’ll probably find that you won’t want to leave your villa.

And truth be told, with the exciting culture, cuisine, history and art that ooze from cities like Marseille, Nice and Avignon to the surrounding countryside, there’s plenty to tempt you to go out and explore. Whatever your choice of holiday accommodation in the south of France, we know that our furnished holiday apartments will be the perfect starting point.

Robert K. Edwards

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