Reasons to do a cruise

Visiting many destinations with the “hotel on your back”.

A cruise is the perfect option to make a tour that allows you to know different cities and countries in the same holiday period. All this with the advantage of “carrying the house on your back” and that you only have to unpack once, since the one that moves is the “hotel” boat and not you.

Constant fun on board

On board a cruise ship are organized endless activities for your enjoyment and yours. They have a very elaborate entertainment program that includes everything from dynamic to relaxing activities.

Dances, gymnastics, swimming pool, jacuzzi, disco, library, beauty treatments, … What do you want more? … Don’t suffer, you don’t have to choose, once on board, you can do it all!

And if you travel with children, for them there is also their own entertainment program, which will allow you to have small free moments with the peace of mind that your children are having a good time and attended.

Possibility to meet a lot of people

If when it comes to travel, one of the things you value most or like most is social life, a trip like this will give you the chance. In addition to the crew, wonderful teams of professionals, with whom the travelers are enchanted, in a boat you can meet many people on board from all over the world and in the stops/visits to each city.

A journey for all styles

There is a cruise for every type of person! Are you thinking of celebrating the Golden Jubilee with your wife in a romantic way? Do you want to travel in a gang in a different way? Or are family trips your thing? A cruise responds to all tastes and preferences!

Excellent price-performance ratio

Contrary to what you might think, a cruise circuit is VERY economical. To believe that it is not economic is a mistaken idea based on the mistaken association of high-end services at high prices, but we can assure you that there is no type of trip with a quality-price ratio similar to that of a cruise.

Diverse destinations, accommodation similar to a five-star, exquisite meals and a program of activities very complete and cared for at a cost of a single price. All a privilege! And as an added privilege, to point out that all the boats (big shipping companies) usually have on board their Duty Free shops (commercial establishment of articles exempt from tax).

It’s an unforgettable experience

If you’ve never been on a cruise, we’re sure it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

In fact, travelers who try it the first time, in the vast majority of cases repeat it, later becoming for them a real addiction, and it is not for less, normal to sleep in one country and wake up in another or marvel at the sunsets and sunrises at sea is addictive and unforgettable.

They are known for offering an excellent gastronomy

Great variety of international flavors. In a cruise, special care is taken in the culinary offer and the preparation of recipes for the delight of the most demanding palates. And you can choose whether you want to eat formally (in the restaurant) or informally (in the cabin, on deck next to the swimming pool, …), buffet or a la carte. The constant aim is to have a good time and enjoy it to the maximum, so you decide.

In terms of catering we do not recommend this trip if you are on a diet (unless you decide to park it temporarily, as it would be a crime not to try the delicacies on board). On the other hand, we recommend a trip of this style if you are a lover of gastronomy or a “gastronomic traveller”.

Conventional breaks

If you love being almost as much different as a good trip, choosing a cruise will be the right thing to do to meet your expectations. Being very general we could say that everyone travels, but not that everyone makes cruises.

The ship is a less conventional and habitual means of transport to travel than the plane, car and / or train, so despite moving thousands and thousands of passengers a year (and increasingly), is still not a concept as socially and culturally integrated as travel to use, so this choice makes you an open person, original and daring to try new things.

Comfortable, luxurious and comfortable holidays

An all-inclusive experience at sea, which allows you to get to know different countries – without having to worry about luggage or food -, meet people, have fun or relax according to your needs.

Not having to worry about waiting times, transfers … NOTHING!, makes your holidays as comfortable as possible in a unique atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

It’s a cure for the soul

A trip on the sea is undoubtedly the best of therapies! Any journey is a cure for the soul, but few situations can offer you a situation as idyllic as sailing.

Robert K. Edwards

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